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CC: That’s misnomer. Those are towns that are in dispute with ICE about how exactly you deal with people they are holding. MC: They are area of the United States. You can not be in dispute with the government. CC: They aren’t safe havens just how you’re describing. MC: They most definitely are safe havens. CC: They aren’t. It’s about how exactly they follow the procedure. MC: They’ll not turn them over, Chris. They will not turn them over. CC: They’ll. There’s a legal procedure. Actually, according to a fresh report from the Centers for Immigration Studies, there are 276 sanctuary cities in 43 states &#8211 currently; and likely more on the way, despite an evergrowing uproar over such towns following the murder of Kate Steinle, 32, in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA by a criminal alien who was simply deported five instances recently. Continue reading

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