Middle Township,
Cape May County, New Jersey
Cancelled for 2015

"Celebrating 15 years of CMFM!"

The Mermaid #303/304
Here is the train parked at the Cape May City Transportation Center.

Now for the equipment.

First, the locomotive, which will be on the north end of the train.
LV #578
An EMD F7A, #578, painted in the Lehigh Valley RR paint scheme.
We will be using LV #576, which is the sister to this unit and pointed the other way.

Next up will be a lounge car.
Alex DeCroce
The NYC #37, will be available for table seating and small snacks will be served free of charge. Coffee will also be available on the return trip from Cape May City.

Some shots of the interior of the #37.

Interior of NYC #37
This is the interior of the NYC #37 looking towards the dining section from the serving area.

Interior of nyc #37
Another interior shot of the #37. This time looking towards the serving area from the dining area.

Interior of NYC #37
This is a view looking into the dining area from the high level platform at Cape May City.

Finally, on the south end of the train, one of our regular RDC’s.
P-RSL M-407
The M-407 is a full coach RDC and offers plenty of seating. Our regular CMFM’ers will recognize this as the car we used before.

Interior of RDC
Photo of the interior of one of the RDCs.

Although I hope to have the train, please be advised that the equipment may change without notice. Also, more coaches can be added if the passenger load warrants it.