Middle Township,
Cape May County, New Jersey
Cancelled for 2015

"Celebrating 15 years of CMFM!"

These are the ones that make things happen.

LionkingCMSL (aka LK) – Meet Coordinator/Webmaster/etc.

The one that got CMFM started. He is your host and contact with the Cape May Seashore Lines.
He can normally be found muttering the phrase, “Now what?” and with either a cell phone or a two-way radio in his paws, sometimes both.
If he looks really harried buy him a 20 oz. Diet Pepsi. You’ll have a friend for life.

Smrgol – Assistant Meet Coordinator

The Kirin is the resident sounding board for LK. He also serves as the meet’s emcee and makes the announcements on the train. Also among his duties is to make sure everything is running smoothly when LK is otherwise occupied. He has been known to utter the phrase, “Now, LK….” when LK gets his paws full with problems.

Mooncat – 2nd Assistant Meet Coordinator

Mooncat is the chelioness that steps in when LK and Smrgol are busy. She also is the one behind the counter of the cafe car when it is in the train.
Don’t let that shy, but perky, exterior fool you. Inside the facade beats the heart of a lioness, and she will let you know what’s what, if she has to.

Mammallamadevil – Merchandise Maven

Unfortunately Kerry “Mammallamadevil” O’Day passed away
in February of 2013 after a long battle with cancer.
She’ll always be a part of the CMFM.