Middle Township,
Cape May County, New Jersey
Cancelled for 2015

"Celebrating 15 years of CMFM!"

1. Welcome to Cape May Fur Meet.
2. To the furs that are new to the Cape May County area, please be aware of the time and where you are when it comes close to boarding time for the train.
3. Be advised that seating is limited. If there are standees, please rotate, so that the standees can sit down for a bit. The train ride takes about a half hour to Cold Spring Village, and then about another 15 minutes into Cape May City.
4. Please be advised that we may be making some stops at various points. These are NOT station stops. For your safety, please do not try to get off the train, until it is announced that it is safe do so.
5. For those furs wishing for a cab ride, please be advised that only 3 furs at a time, including the engineer, are allowed in the cab at any one time. If the engineer or the Assist. Conductors ask you leave the cab for any reason, please do so. If you wish to ride in the cab, please so note on your RSVP to LionkingCMSL no later than May 1st.
6. Before the trip the Assist. Conductors will be announced for the trip. Please listen to them. These furs were selected as they have a working knowledge of the CMSL and its rules. These furs, or I, will be making announcements during the course of the trip. Please pay close attention to these, as they may effect your safety.
7. As per NJ State Law, there is NO SMOKING on this or any CMSL train.
8. The CMSL and I ask you to please refrain from putting your feet on the seats. The seats are over 30 years old, and I (LionkingCMSL) have to CLEAN the car.
9. Being NYC #37 should be in the train, and food and drinks are being served, the CMSL and I ask you to be careful. If you do spill something please ask one of the assistant conductors for paper towels, or whatever is needed, to clean up the spill.
10. There will be a photo run by at Cold Spring Village on the trip south on Saturday, if requested. If you would like to set up a photo run by at another location, please let me know and I will see what I can arrange.
11. Be advised, that when we depart Cape May City on Saturday and Cold Spring on Sunday, it will be the last train for the day. Make sure you don’t miss it, or you’ll have a long walk ahead of you (you can take a cab but it’ll cost $$$ and there is no bus service to the South Court House station).
12. The Cape May Seashore Lines and I hope you enjoy yourself on this meet and most important of all …

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