Middle Township,
Cape May County, New Jersey
Cancelled for 2015

"Celebrating 15 years of CMFM!"

Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. What is the Cape May Fur Meet?
A. The Cape May Fur Meet, or CMFM, is a event where furs get together and “hang out”. At the present time there are no “tracks” or other defined activities other than the train/bus ride to Cape May City/Wildwood and return.

2. Speaking of the train ride, what is up with that?
A. The train ride is something that LionkingCMSL (LK), the “railroading lion”, thought would be a neat way to set off the CMFM from other meets and an easy way to transport a large number of furs 13 miles without somefur getting lost driving.

3. How did the CMFM get started?
A. It is a case of LK jumping into something with all four paws and not knowing what he was getting into. :=3
He had offered people a train ride for those attending AC2000 not realizing the AC, in this case, meant AnthroCon, which was held in Valley Forge, PA that year. He thought it stood for “Atlantic City”, NJ. So to make good on his offer of a train ride, he came up with the idea for CMFM.

4. What will it cost me to attend CMFM?
A. Nothing. Though eating and buying of knicknacks will cost you.

5. Why did you charge back in 2005?
A. LK pays for everything out of pocket, and with some donations. Unfortunately the meet had gotten too large for him to keep the meet free to all comers. He now has a full time job, that pays pretty well, so he can re-offer it for free. Donations are still accepted, as it does cost a bit of change to rent the train.:=3

6. Can I ask how much it costs to charter the train?
A. You can ask, but you may not get a straight answer. :=3
Truth is that LK is not charged the normal rate for chartering the train as he is an employee of the railroad, and being a qualified engineer, he doesn’t have to pay the crew costs normally associated with a charter.

7. Why does LK need to have RSVP’s by a certain date?
A. He needs them so he can figure how many passenger cars he will need and how many are going to dinner so he can make the arrangements in advance. Also for the trip to Wildwood on Sunday he needs to know how many are going to he can make sure there are enough buses available for all.
Also LK offers limited “crash” space at his lair and he needs to know how many will need that space and for what nights.

8. Can’t I just show up on the day of the meet?
A. Of course you can! It’s just the RSVP’s make it easier on LK, but nofur wil be turned away if they just show up.

9. Why is it important that I don’t miss the train?
A. There are a few reasons:

  1. The charter may be the only train operating that day.
  2. Returning to the station the charter departed from requires the engineer to switch ends or have a qualified employee check the track as he backs up.
  3. The charter may be on a tight schedule to meet another train and returning to the station is not an option.
  4. If you miss the train back to the Cape May Court House, from Cape May City, and it has already crossed the Cape May Canal, the bridge operator may have already left and there is no way to get the train back across the canal.
  5. The train crew has to obey the F.R.A.’s 12 hour law, and returning to Cape May/Cold Spring might put them in violation of that law.

10. What should I do if I miss the train?
A. Not to sound flippant, but the best answer is not to miss the train. :=/
Other than that, and there are other trains operating after the train leaves, board the next train in the direction the charter was headed and tell the conductor that you are with the CMFM. If the charter is the only train operating, then you are on your own. There is no bus service between the Cape May Court House Train Station and Cape May City. To get back to the Cape May Court House Train Station, you could call someone on the train to have them pick you up, or get a cab that will cost you $$$$’s.

11. I want to bring my non-fur mate, S.O., friend(s) or family member(s) with me. Am I allowed to do so?
A. Of course! The Cape May Fur Meet is open to all furs and their non-fur mates, S.O.’s, friends, etc. The only thing that LK asks is that those non-furs be very tolerant of those around them. We are not of the same mold and tolerance is greatly appreciated by all.

12. Why is it important that I listen to any announcements made on the train?
A. The answer can be summed up in one word –
Both for your and your fellow furs. It is very easy to become complacent around trains. You have to remember one thing though, the lightest piece of equipment the CMSL operates weighs ~60 tons. With that much weight you can appreciate that much mass will take some time to stop, and of course trains can’t be steered. They have to follow the rails.

13. What do those “Beach Rules” on the sign say on the “Gneech’s” graphic that was the old logo? (Suggested by Smrgol)
A. Here they are, in order:

  1. Lions are king of the beasts and must be given due respect.
  2. Anyone found to be insufficiently respectful will have their butts bitten off.
  3. Anyone who treats lions right will find them to be big, cuddly kittycats.
  4. “Kiss of life” shall be applied at the lifeguard’s discretion.

14.What does it say on the “life ring”, again, on the “Gneech’s” graphic?
A. Lionking-your host|Cape May-New Jersey.

15. What kind of weather can I expect?
A. About 15 hours of visible light. The weather can vary between cold/rainy with highs in the 50s, to darn outright hot and sunny with highs in the 80s-90s.

16. Who will be the Assistant Conductor?
A. He will be Smrgol, the Kirin. Smrgol will be in the M-407 and in charge of the enire train, if LK is not available, and he will be making the announcements on the PA system. Mooncat will be in the NYC #37 (“Alex DeCroce”) and will oversee the needs of the passengers in that car and will also be acting as the “bartender”. Both Smrgol and Mooncat will be wearing black CMSL golf shirts.

17. What about (insert whatever here)?
A. Brief answer is, if you would not do “it” in front of an uniformed, on-duty police officer, please refrain from doing “it” during the CMFM.
Everywhere the CMFM goes is a public place. The train is no exception. As mentioned on the
Information Page NJ State law prohibits smoking on all passenger trains. The sole exception would be the “operating control compartment” (i.e. cab) of the locomotive, but CMSL Rule H-1 also prohibits smoking in “operating control compartments”. Also there is no smoking allowed on the bus(es) to Wildwood.
Being we will be making a stop at Cold Spring Station (30 minutes or so after we leave Cape May Court House Train Station) on the trip south, on Saturday, for photo ops, if you feel the desire to smoke, please de-train and smoke on the platform as the train makes its run-by.
Otherwise, please do not put LK, Smrgol, or Mooncat in the undesirable position of asking you to stop doing whatever you are doing.
The Cape May Fur Meet is to be enjoyed by everone attending and to be a fun time. Please help keep that goal with your actions.

18. Does anything in #17 reflect LK’s own views?
A. In a word, no.
To clarify, LK, as meet coordinator, has to make sure any, and all, federal, state and local laws are obeyed. Also, LK, as Engineer/Conductor and representive of the CMSL, has to make sure that any, and all, F.R.A. (Federal Railroad Admin.), NORAC (Northeast Operating Rules Advisory Committe) and CMSL laws, operating rules and policies are followed.

19. What do you suggest I bring to the meet?
A. Spending Money!!! :=3
Other than that, sunscreen, comfortable walking shoes, a camera and a light jacket in case the weather turns chilly. Furs have also been known to bring their sketch books with them. LK also suggests, for the Sunday trip to Wildwood, a swimsuit and towel for the “water parks” that are located on the boardwalk.
LK also suggests the FRS style of radio so everyone can keep in touch. This is especially true on Sunday, when everyone will probably split up to go to different piers and attractions.

20. What is the deal with the buses to Wildwood? Why don’t we all drive there?
A. If you are asking this question, then you have never driven in Wildwood in the late spring/early summer. It is easier to have everyone board a bus or two and keep them together. It also helps keep everyone from getting seperated. Also it saves on parking costs for the driver.
LK is sure that the last thing anyone wants is to have to worry about parking and traffic hassels during the meet. Though, if the numberr of furs going to Wildwood is small, we might just carpool over.

21. After what happened at CF 2003, I’m worried about being filmed for broadcast TV. What is CMFM’s policy on having the media present?
A. First you have to understand that we will be in public areas and CMFM cannnot stop somebody from filming/photographing. CMFM will not bring in any reporter, film, radio, or TV crew with out notification on the CMFM Main Page well in advance of the event. However, if someone approaches the group and asks if they can film, photograph, or interview, the CMFM, please direct them to LK or Smrgol.

The following will be stated, orally, and presented, in written form, to the requestor:

While we are in a public area and cannot stop you from filming/photographing us, the Cape May Fur Meet (aka CMFM) is a private function. If you would like to film/photograph us, CMFM requests that you get a signed release from any CMFM attendee that will be cleary identifable and CMFM will require a copy, of each, for CMFM files in case a legal matter does arise. If you cannot get a signed release form, prior to filming/photographing, then that individual cannnot be filmed/photographed in such a way that they would be indentifable. If you film/photograph any CMFM attendee prior to asking for a signed release form, and one is not given, then that attendee may not be shown in such a way that the individual is readily identifable.
If you do any interviewing, the CMFM will require a full, unedited copy, or transcript, of said interview and signed release form(s), for the above stated reasons.
These forms must be sent to, and received by, the CMFM before air or publication date. These requirements are to protect the rights of the attendees of CMFM and the CMFM itself.

I hope this allays any fears that the CMFM will bring in a crew unannounced, and the policies regarding outside media presence.
One additional note. Although we do use the Cape May Seashore Lines, and they
might schedule a crew, LK will strongly try to discourage the scheduling of any such crew if it falls on a CMFM meet date. If he cannot get it rescheduled, then the above will be explained to said crew, and there will be an announcement made on the Main Page.

22. Why does this site refer to Smrgol so often? What does he have to do with the running of the CMFM? Isn’t this LionkingCMSL’s meet?
A. Yes, it
was LK’s meet. However, the meet has grown to such a point that he decided he needed an assistant. Being Smrgol is the administrator for the Hudson Furs mailing list, he was the logical choice. The “was” in the first sentence is there because LK has realized that the CMFM has grown to such a point that one fur cannot run it by himself. Look for other changes in the coming years to make this meet bigger and better.

23. I’m looking for other furry cons. Do you know of any?
A. Sure! The best resource for furry cons can be found at the
Bestiaria Convention Page.

If you have any other questions, please e-mail LionkingCMSL and put CMFM – FAQ in the subject line.