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Carbon monoxide could possibly protect the brain from damage after subarachnoid hemorrhage Carbon monoxide is well known by many while a poisonous gas that causes brain injury and various other neurological symptoms, including memory space loss and confusion. But a new study led by investigators at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center suggests the opposite may be true: When administered in little, carefully controlled amounts, carbon monoxide may protect the brain from harm following subarachnoid hemorrhage in fact, a devastating stroke that outcomes from bleeding in the brain.The team measured the artery’s flow-mediated dilation using ultrasound to obtain the brachial artery’s size soon after deflating a blood pressure cuff that had been inflated for 5 minutes on study individuals’ forearms. This measurement in fact gives us a videoclip of an individual’s vascular health, and will be helpful in identifying whether one reaches risk for heart disease, says Engler. The induced increase in blood flow after the cuff is certainly deflated causes release of several dilator substances, such as nitric prostanoids and oxide, which unwind, the artery. Flow-mediated dilation is definitely expressed as the %age optimum change in vessel diameter from baseline.