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For the study, a series of questionnaires on the occurrence of verbal, physical, or sexual abuse in childhood, the presence of parent mood or drug abuse disorder, and history of suicidality had been administered to outpatients with bipolar disorder. In addition, the tCAS was finished, and data on the presence of a number of of 30 medical conditions was assessed. Information for all parameters was designed for 904 individuals. The most common medical conditions were allergies, migraine, headaches, and head injury, which were found in 22.0 percent-37.2 percent of sufferers. Conditions with a prevalence of 12 percent-16 percent included hypertension, chronic menstrual irregularities, hypothyroidism, head injury without lack of consciousness, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, and asthma.The Laboratory Quality System program supports the development and evaluation of national reference materials and standards, and also evaluation of manufacturers’ assays. Accreditation of CBER’s Laboratory Quality Program provides extra transparency and acknowledgement of a program that has been recognized as an international leader in biological products regulation.

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