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Cancer prevention: by natural means Certain dietary-based substances might prevent some cancers from developing and research at the University of Leicester is searching at natural compounds which may result in a cancer chemopreventive medication. Chemoprevention involves the use of natural or synthetic products to prevent or delay the formation of cancer. A study project where postgraduate college student Charles Simon is normally involved is searching at the chemopreventive properties of the natural products resveratrol , curcumin and tricin discount .


The first getting the publicized H1N1 Swine flu and the deadly H1N5 Avian flu highly, and the second being truly a newly produced initiative for Veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Tension Disorder . Together with these initiatives, Cannabis Research is laying a solid foundation for entrance into the FDA and additional government regulatory organizations for developing medications for Influenza, PTSD and other ailments. The Company looks ahead to announcing its continued improvement with these initiatives through the development of an online improvement chart that may become available at the website soon. This online tracking initiative shall allow the general public immediate access to monitor each stage of advancement, submit questions, and request special circumstance info as we take our cannabis-structured drugs to advertise.