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For patients with dense breasts, there is a large amount of structure to look over which can potentially obscure the features common to breast cancers. Rosenberg figured for individuals with dense breasts and an unresolved scientific concern, the advantage of executing BSGI outweighed rays risk by one factor of 295:1. The risk of a missed cancer is huge when compared to small radiation dosage the patient receives in a BSGI study. As doctors, we are constantly weighing the chance of all medical procedures against their benefit to the patient. There is absolutely no relevant question that for these patients the benefit of BSGI is well worth the risk.However, a person with a family group history of anemia and lacking any obvious source of blood loss might need multiple laboratory bloodstream tests and other styles of diagnostic evaluation. Doctors also take into consideration the severity of the anemia when choosing what assessments to order. Whenever a person has serious anemia, the reason must be determined rapidly so that it could be treated appropriately. Lab tests for anemia generally are the following: Complete blood count : Determines the severe nature and kind of anemia and is normally the first test ordered.