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In her future work, she plans to examine whether children who reside in chronically stressful environments are more vunerable to consuming in the lack of hunger and, therefore, becoming overweight or obese. It’s possible that such elements as surviving in poverty, in violent conditions, or in homes where meals is not available may boost eating in the lack of hunger and always, therefore, increase children's risk of becoming obese, she said.. Children who overreact to stressors may be at risk of becoming obese or overweight Children who overreact to stressors could be at risk of becoming overweight or overweight, according to researchers at Penn Johns and State Hopkins University. Our results suggest that some children who are at risk of becoming obese can be identified by their biological response to a stressor, said Lori Francis, associate professor of biobehavioral wellness.In mice that are vunerable to mammary tumor from low-dosage radiation, the researchers identified greater than a dozen areas within their genomes that donate to an individual's sensitivity to low-dose radiation. These genome-environment interactions just become considerably pronounced when the mouse can be challenged by low-dose radiation. The interactions have a big impact at the cellular level also. They change the way the tumor microenvironment responds to cancer tumor. A few of these noticeable changes can raise the threat of cancer development, the researchers found.