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Codexis receives U.S viagra ou levitra . Patent for enzymes employed in HCV therapeutics Codexis, Inc. , a developer of cost-advantaged processes for the creation of biofuels, bio-based chemical substances, and pharmaceutical intermediates, announced that america Patent and today Trademark Office offers granted Codexis’ patent within the biocatalysts and biocatalytic procedures used to make key pharmaceutical intermediates in the synthesis of leading hepatitis-C therapeutics. KlegermanThe patent is titled ‘BIOCATALYTIC PROCESSES FOR THE PREPARATION OF SUBSTANTIALLY STEREOMERICALLY PURE FUSED BICYCLIC PROLINE Substances’ and was issued mainly because U.S. Patent number 8 8,178,333. ‘This patent specifically provides exclusivity for the use of our novel biocatalysts and production processes in the manufacture of these key intermediates.

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In unwanted fat, the most promising experimental Alzheimer’s medications being tested today is nothing more than medium-chain triglycerides produced from coconut and palm kernel essential oil. Coconut oil also actually is an extraordinary cooking oil since it resists smoking, actually at high temperatures. Try cooking in coconut oil rather than essential olive oil and you will notice a clear difference. Finally, coconut oil is also an excellent food storage item as long as it can be kept by you cool. It’s a dense source of healthy calorie consumption that’s usable as both meals and medicine.