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The Wicked Problems Institute series is organized by the UNC College of Social Work and the Children’s Home Culture of America, a nationwide network of voluntary kid welfare agencies. Tag Testa, Spears-Turner Distinguished Professor, and Jack Richman, the school’s dean, are spearheading the effort. The Chapel Hill leg of the series is normally sponsored by the school’s Jordan Institute for Families. Meetings will be kept in Chicago in September and in Washington, D.C., in March 2013. The September gathering will focus on whether privatizing child welfare services yields a better return on public expense dollars. The March 2013 meeting will consider how the field should cope with the broad goal of child well-being – issues such as children’s health, education and other elements that go beyond basic safety..Their severity relates to the intensity of the brain damage. They might be very subtle, noticeable only to medical professionals, or may be apparent to the parents and various other caregivers. Abnormal muscle tone: Muscles is quite stiff or unusually relaxed and floppy. Limbs may be held in uncommon or awkward positions. For example, spastic quads might cause legs to cross in a scissor-like position.Abnormal movements: Movements may be unusually jerky or abrupt, or slow and writhing. They may show up uncontrolled or without purpose.Skeletal deformities: Individuals who have cerebral palsy about only one side may have shortened limbs in the affected side.