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Moran. It's worthy of noting our analysis didn't catch the cumulative, lifetime ramifications of hypertension. It may well grow to be cost-effective to treat this group if we look at data on costs and benefits over several decades. This warrants further study. The study did not consider the cost-performance of hypertension treatment in adults older than 74. The CUMC team is addressing this question in a separate study. The overall message of our research is that every segment of our health and wellness care system, from little medical practices to large insurance companies, can benefit by enhancing treatment of hypertension, stated Dr. Moran. Stage 1 hypertension is thought as a systolic BP of 140-159 mm Hg or a diastolic BP of 90-99 mm Hg.Within an email to the news headlines service, a Wellness Canada official stated the agency ‘is searching at the merchandise to determine whether it poses the same risk as magnet sets which were recalled earlier this season.’ According to reports, the Polar Pen circular includes, hollow magnets that are manufactured from the rare chemical substance element neodymium. ‘Fundamentally there’s 12 or 13 specific magnets that snap together right into a cylindrical tube,’ stated Gardner. ‘And you placed on these different steel, steel elements that snap to the metallic.’ The pen posseses an ink cartridge, yet it is also used as a stylus with yet another rubber and magnet suggestion.