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The lawmakers, representing both ongoing celebrations and both chambers, said the president’s latest ‘accommodation’ would still power some employers -; faith-based nonprofits – particularly; to cover contraception in defiance of their moral convictions . The Associated Press: Contraception Fight Looms In Mass. Senate Competition The debate over the range between religious independence and federal healthcare mandates has produced its method into Massachusetts’ closely viewed U.S. Senate competition, with Republican Sen. Scott Dark brown accusing his chief Democratic rival of attempting to ‘dictate to spiritual people in what they should believe.’ Customer advocate and Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren provides responded by criticizing Dark brown for signing to a Republican-backed expenses that could allow employers and healthcare plans to deny protection for any service they state violates their moral or spiritual beliefs .This article was reprinted from kaiserhealthnews.org with permission from the Henry J.Milk banking was a common practise since the 1900s internationally. The first milk lender was founded in Vienna in 1909. Each large maternity hospital in Australia had a casual milk bank, where unwanted milk from mothers was given and pooled to those that needed it. With the arrival of HIV in the 1980s and the realisation that infections could be transmitted through breast milk, each one of these informal milk banks closed. It was only afterwards that it was established that pasteurisation eliminates the chance of transmission. Internationally, milk banks have already been re-established, with European countries and America at the forefront. Australia has been slower to introduce formal milk banking institutions again. A milk lender is an organisation, usually associated with a hospital, which collects, stores, processes and dispenses donated human milk.