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Cancer Study Cancerbackup and UK type strategic partnership Cancer patients seeking facts about their diagnosis and treatment will shortly be able to receive info prescriptions thanks to a new partnership between Britain’s leading tumor charities, Cancer Analysis Cancerbackup and UK parapharmacie direct . Almost two thirds of cancer patients don’t realize what their diagnosis means fully. To reduce the uncertainty and dread felt by cancer patients, both charities are scoping a major initiative to provide the best quality cancer information for patients in the UK.

‘We’ve shown a simple ‘breath check’ can spot the patterns of molecules which are found in head and neck patients in a little, early study. We have now need to test these results in larger research to discover if this could lead to a potential screening method for the condition.’ Once a cancers has spread to other areas of the physical body, it becomes a lot more challenging to treat. The important implication of the scholarly study is the chance for detecting these hard-to-diagnose cancers at an earlier stage, resulting in quicker treatment. Earlier medical diagnosis can give patients more control over how to overcome their treatment, with a chance of implementing alternative treatments.