Middle Township,
Cape May County, New Jersey
Cancelled for 2015

"Celebrating 15 years of CMFM!"

We’ve amazing Himalayan salt spheres that glow just like a ball of light. We have salt ‘fire bowls’ that appear to be a glowing plate of lava cubes when you switch on the light. We have USB salt lights that you plug into your personal computer to get a gorgeous glowing little bit of the Himalayan mountains directly on your desktop! Plus, we have heart-shaped tea lamps, star-shapes lights, pyramid-shaped lamps, spheres, cubes and various other sacred geometry shapes.Thus, as the study discovered that peers may socialize well-known teens in a few negative ways , the reduction in hostile behavior observed in popular teens shows that socialization also offers its positive part, said Dr. Allen, perhaps resulting in positive outcomes. Overall, Dr. Allen observed, the analysis suggests that ‘there is absolutely no free lunch. As teenagers are more socialized to their peer groups, they gain social skills and recognition, but inevitably are influenced with techniques that might not be to parents’ liking.’ Underneath line, he said, is normally that the thing that makes an adolescent popular–being able to focus on the requirements and norms of their peers–may, over time, involve some negative consequences aswell.